The Goldenberg Group, The People Helping People and Gravers Lane Gallery
proudly sponsored Melissa Maddonni Haims working with the children at Jenks Academy of Arts and Science during the Fall for the Arts Event in Chestnut Hill.  Fun filled day weaving the Harry Potter School colors along the school fence.   The weaving will remain up for the Harry Potter Festival weekend, October 17th thru 19th.



When you're looking for great cities to visit Philadelphia certainly is at the top of many lists. And when it comes to Philadelphia neighborhoods Chestnut Hill is at the top of many lists as well.

From fine food, fine arts and family fun, there are always things to do with your friends and family.

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Gravers Lane Gallery's own Director, Bruce Hoffman, was a juror and reviewed the work submitted for "Me, Myself and I" and the winning artists were selected to be awarded a group exhibit at 'some things looming' in Reading, PA. You can find out more here...

Textile Center, located in Minneapolis, recently featured a video interview with Gravers Lane Gallery featured artist Leslie Pontz. You can see the interview below and read the entire Textile Center piece here...

Recently, Gravers Lane Gallery had a show "American Heroes and Innovators: New Paintings and Drawings by Chris & Justin Hopkins."

The show was beautifully captured by videographer Doug Zajaczkowski. Take a look and we think you'll agree it is a wonderful piece featuring amazing artwork created around a powerful story.

American Heroes and Innovators from Doug Z on Vimeo.