Yoko Yagi

Platter, fused murrine glass/diamond wheel ground finish, 8.5 x 17.75in

Yoko Yagi became intrigued with kilnformed glass after seeing the work of Klaus Moje. She attended a workshop with Moje in 1998, and later served as his interpreter and assistant in Japan. Obsessed with creating pattern, she began working with murrine, a traditional Venetian glassmaking technique based on cross-sectioned slices of intricately patterned thin glass rods. Yagi creates finely crafted, three-dimensional works inspired by the two-dimensional patterns seen in traditional textiles, knits baskets and kumihimo, the Japanese craft of making braided cords. She currently teaches and exhibits internationally.

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with patterned objects made out of thin,
woven strips of material; such as baskets out of willow or cloth from thread. I use
strips of glass to achieve a similar effect. When strips are stacked and stretched into
murrini that are then fused, I can create intricate and complicated, yet personal,
works of art.

Selecting from a multitude of colors and patterns, I can bring limitless variation into
these worlds. It is a slow, laborious and often painful process; nonetheless, every
time, I am thrilled to see what kind of scene will appear in the end.

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