Valerie Mitchell

Artist in StudioPinnate Flower series, Choker, Collar, & Bracelet- flexible linkage in silver, oxidized silver or 18k gold (available in various sizes)Pinnate and Pebble Collars, Pinnate flex collar 17 x .75in, Pebble collar 18 x 0.5in, (flexible link), (available in Sterling silver, oxidized Sterling silver or 18k gold combinations)Palo Verdi series, Collar, Earrings, and Double Chain Necklace, 17 x 0.5in-Sterling silver, oxidized Sterling silver or 18k gold
Outline Cedar series, Necklaces and Post Earrings, 18k gold with cultured pearls, or Sterling silver without pearls, earrings with pearlsLeaf series in cement, Sterling silver or 18k gold with hand poured cementOutline Cedar series, Necklace, 18k gold and cultured pearlsPalo Verdi Spray Collar, oxidized Sterling silver, white sapphires (each flexible hinged leaf 2in)
Collide brooch, vitreous enamel on copper & oxidized Sterling silver, 3 x 2.5 x 1inJuxtaposition 1 (brooch), copper electroform, enamel, Sterling silver, constructed setting, quartz, 5 x 3 x 1in (photo: Ralph Gabriner)Juxtaposition 2 (necklace), electroform enameled copper, Sterling, smokey quartz, silk crochet, 17Joie de Vivre Necklace, enamel, oxidized Sterling silver, copper, 4.5 x 3.5in (pendant)/ 20in long (photo: G.Post)

"This body of one of a kind jewelry engages two current themes with limited edition work, in silver, gold, brass, copper, enamel and raw stones.

The Juxtaposed series brings unrelated elements together, items that could be opposites, falling together naturally and creating a new balance. For example, the way unlikely things are blown (drawn) together in windstorms, creating a unique form of contrast in which light/dark, hot/cold or rough/smooth conjure physical and intellectual response.

My work has examined the form of organic structure for many years through various materials. I am interested in the origin of form, what structure is underneath and the universality of these biomorphic forms.

Use of vitreous enamel brings color and texture into the work. Joie de Vrie necklace combines this with fine silver and copper, evoking a plant blossoming to express a feeling of life. While many of my forms are large, care is given to wear and how items are joined to move with the body.

My newest series uses positive and negative spatial relationships that occur in nature. Kiln fired vitreous enamels on fine silver or copper are set to express their dimensionality, some with integrating elements juxtaposed. Creating a sense of containment, holding or wrapping, while metaphorically it is only space being held."
--Valerie Mitchell, 2014

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