Sandra Enterline

Perforated Cone Necklace, Sterling silver/22k goldPerforated Cylinder Necklace, Sterling silver with heat patina/stainless steelLarge Perforated Disc Necklace, oxidized Sterling silver/22k gold
Large Perforated Disc Necklace, oxidized Sterling silverPerforated Disc Stud Earrings, Sterling silver with heat patinaLarge Perforated Disc Earrings, Sterling silver/22k gold

I drill holes because I like to. My jewelry is reminiscent of industrial relics. Thin gauge silver is perforated with tiny holes, creating an organic quality that transforms spare, hollow constructions. The density and pattern of the minuscule perforations lends and indeterminable surface to the object. The pieces vibrate the interior and exterior shift with changing light.

My jewelry is based on a fascination with fragility, preciousness and the mystery of half-visible objects glimpsed through hundreds of tiny perforations. Refined shapes alternately cage, contain and reveal a golden interior. I make simple, sculptural objects that are complex and layered, discovered over time.

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