Rachel Timmins

Rough Cut necklace, 3D printed nylon & paintRough Cut necklace (black & gold), 3D printed nylon & paintCompanion Series #5 necklace, spandex, thread, steel, flax seedsRough Cut necklace (silver & gold), 3D printed nylon & paint
Rough Cut necklace (green & gold), 3D printed nylon & paintRough Cut necklace (orange & gold), 3D printed nylon & paintRough Cut necklace (orange & gold), 3D printed nylon & paintTough Links necklace (pink & gold), 3D printed nylon & paint
Tough Links necklace (turquoise & gold), 3D printed nylon & paintUntitled, 3D printed nylon, paint, flocking, ink, clear lacierMinnie Woosley, spandex, styrofoam, thread, tissue lamè

Rachel Timmins earned her MFA in Studio Art (Metals Concentration) in December 2012 and her BFA in Metal/Jewelry Design with a Minor in Sculpture from Buffalo State College in 2009. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally in venues such as the National Gallery of Victoria, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, the Design Museum London and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Rachel’s work can be seen in many publications such as Unexpected Pleasures published by Rizzoli Publications, Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective published by Lark Books and Jewel Book: International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art published by Stitchting Kunst Boek. She can be found lecturing on her work and other related topics as well as giving workshops across the United States at various institutions and universities.

Metamorphosis and mutants, recovering value in the devalued, and finding comfort through building a place to belong are concepts that are prominently featured in my wearable work and in how I choose to live my life. Many of my works include shiny surfaces and vibrant color. These are powerful ways of creating a spectacle, allowing the wearer to step into my place in this world. My strange adornments use materials and forms that are familiar to the general public, creating an accessible point of departure to understand the work. Many of my objects have both obvious and mutated forms that allude to a creature, or maybe even a sidekick or friend. I use both humor and irony in my pieces and I strive for my works to create a push-pull feeling between the viewer and the objects. In my current work, I try to show how our experiences can consume and change us into something that we never knew we could be.

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