Patti Dougherty

Sea Bells necklace lamp-worked Moretti soft glass, Sterling silverWanderer necklace, lamp-worked Moretti soft glass, Sterling silver

"I use Moretti soft glass in transparent jewel tones, with an iridescent surface of enamel heated onto the bead in the flame. I overlay many transparent hues to create a new color, similar to a watercolor technique. Occasionally I embed fine silver wire and foil. Most of the beads are hollow, and the decoration, frits and powder enamels are fused onto the surface. My intention is to recreate a new creature reminiscent of original marine creature, although somewhat abstracted. Colors are selected based on the specimen and it’s current fragility. Metal work is combined with the glass beads to make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Fine Silver and Sterling Silver are used to make chain, ear wire, and other forged elements. The work is arranged using only cold connections, as it is impossible to add heat to a completed glass bead. Fine silver is embedded in the glass to make a sturdy hanging device that is easily attached to a chain or ear wire."

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