Nancy Clearwater Herman

Empty Street in Autumn, Oil on Board, 6in. x 8in.First Signs of Autumn, Oil on Board, 6in. x 8in.Orange Timed, Oil on Board, 6in. x 8in.Connections, Oil on Board, 6in. x 8in
Tomatoes, Oil on Canvas, 9in. x 12in.Union Avenue, Oil on Canvas, 6in. x 8in.City Corners, oil on board, 6 x 8inChestnut Hill Hotel, oil on board, 9 x 12in, SOLD

Nancy Clearwater Herman was educated at both the University of Pennsylvania and at Cornell University. Her work is featured in many public and private collections, some of which include: The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The State Museum (Harrisburg), Brevard Museum of Art and Science (Florida), Federal Reserve Bank (Philadelphia), Robert Wood Johnson University, Temple University’s and Duke University’s Medical Centers, and University of Pennsylvania’s Hospital.

"Most of my life I have painted what I see and occasionally what I imagine. In recent years I have worked primarily in plein air. Starting last year I began my blog POSTCARDS FROM MERION. In my blog I try to paint every day and post the paintings as they are completed. I try to capture the things I see around me that give me joy. The blog is a good way to share this joy with others and get immediate feedback. I am interested in the seasons changing and the way light captures the interior of my home."
-Nancy Clearwater Herman

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