Melanie West

Double Strand Necklace (Red/Brown/Gray), polymer clay & rubberEarly Spring Necklace, polymer clay & rubberFiddleheads and Moss Necklace, polymer clay & rubberFront Beach Necklace, polymer clay & rubber
Funky Gourd Necklace, polymer clay & rubberWavy Brooch, polymer clayWavy Brooch, polymer clayWavy Brooch and Snail Brooch, polymer clay
Inner Wave Bio Bangle (orange/blue), polymer clayInner Wave Bio Bangle (orange/blue) (detail), polymer clayInner Wave Bio Bangle (orange/blue), polymer clayIsland Fog Necklace, polymer clay

"I live in the woods of Maine and share these woods with a plethora of wild life, including moose, bob cats, fox and coyotes, lots of song birds, wild turkeys and of course, ravens.
What drives my current work with polymer is a life long fascination with Nature's use of extravagant forms, colors
 and patterns. Nature never ceases to amaze, and I have always been compelled to answer that amazement in my work.

With polymer clay I am able to create a very personal, sensual experience for the wearer, while celebrating all of Nature's awe inspiring beauty.

Each one-of-a-kind piece in my “Bio” series contains a unique, playful personality inspired by such flora and fauna as salamanders, snakes, nudibranchs, cephalopods, bamboo and acorns. My pieces are built on hand fabricated and carved armatures of polymer, and are laminated with polymer clay cane work. My pieces are hand sanded and finished to a soft luster or buffed to a high lacquer finish."

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