Matthew Green

The Great Escape, 30in. x 64in. Oil on Canvas, 2013Vince II, 22in. x 30in. Oil on Canvas, 2013The Coronation, 44in. x 48in. Oil on Canvas, 2014Black Dragon, 30in. x 48in. Oil on Canvas, 2014
Ghost Bridge, 30in. x 48in. Oil on Canvas, 2014Phragmites, 30in. x 48in. Oil on Canvas, 2014DeKorte Park, 30in. x 48in. Oil on Canvas, 2014Sinnickson Landing, 30in. x 48in. Oil on Canvas, 2014

The Way I See It

I am a realist painter with a lean to the abstract, and I try to capture more than the physical structure of a building or landscape. I find the essence of a subject and show beauty in the nuances, often featuring the conflict of Nature versus Man.

It began with a fascination for found objects. It's the stuff that floats in on the tide, blows in on the wind or rises up from the soil; random objects, even buildings once centers of industry or tourist destinations, that are turned from useful to useless.

I can see the strength and allure in things and in their history, and I try to bring life back in. I want to show both the harsh realities and magnificent beauties in everyday life and our surroundings.

Born in Teaneck in 1970, Matthew Green was primarily raised in New Jersey. He has lived in and around Philadelphia since the 1990's. Guided by a genuine curiosity and hunger for knowledge, interests and their influences on his paintings are varied but ever present; Matt is at once an outdoorsman and city lover, free spirited designer and meticulous producer. By day he has worked as an art director since 1999, and by night he paints and writes in his home studio where a record collection and nearness of family keep him inspired.

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