Maria Eife

Loop Hoop Earrings (pink), 3D printed nylon, Sterling silverCage Bangle bracelet (red), 3D printed nylon

Maria Eife is a Philadelphia-based jewelry designer and maker. She graduated in 2000 from Tyler School of Art with a degree in Jewelry/Metals/CAD-CAM. Her business was launched in 2010 with the Binary Collection, a line of laser-cut wool felt jewelry using binary code as a design element. Her work has been featured in Lark Books 500 Felt Objects and American Craft Magazine. She was awarded the Editors Choice Award the World Maker Faire in 2011, and has been an invited artist at the American Craft Council Show, CraftBoston, and the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Show.

Artist Statement:
Using new technologies combined with traditional craft skill and values, I create jewelry that is an exploration of materials, processes and structure. My most recent collection, Loops and Cages, is the result of virtual, three-dimensional play. Using CAD software, I create complex forms that are reproduced in plastic and metal. 3-D printed nylon is a flexible, and lightweight material suited perfected for jewelry. The precious metal line is designed in the same fashion, but is then printed in wax and cast using the lost wax technique.

I use 3-D printing and laser cutting to create designs that would be impossible, or extremely expensive to make in any other way. I can recreate the same design over and over, or change it slightly and make a series of unique objects. Ultimately, my goal is to create elegant, playful and structurally complex adornments that compliment the wearer and intrigue the viewer.

With my Loops Series of jewelry I am exploring geometry and new materials. 3-D printed nylon is a wonderful material for jewelry. It is flexible, durable and light-weight. It allows for big, bold designs that won't weigh you down.

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