Marcia Docter

Bandit: Donald Rumsfeld (Silly Dog series), DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 12 x 10inDamage Control: Dick Cheney (Silly Dog series), DMC embroidery on linen, 10 x 10.75inAngered Him, DMC embroidery on Irish linenHawk Woman, DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 24.5 x 20.5in
Sometimes You're the Bug, Sometimes You're the Windshield, DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 24 x 22inBandit, DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 20.5 x 22inN I 4 N I (Braille), DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 46 x 8.5inBandit, DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 20.5 x 22in
InstallationN I 4 N I, DMC embroidery on Irish linen, 40 x 8.5inN I 4 N I (Braille and print versions)

"I have always had something to say. Previously I employed comic book characters to express my ideas. Using only hand embroidery techniques, I worked my message into the thoughts of these characters using the cartoon "bubble" to spell out my observations on life, truth and justice, honor and dignity.

Recently, I began to explore a new medium using other traditional materials. My ideas have been "translated" into the language of text. The sewing machine, with its patterns, colored threads and textures has become the medium for this modern method of messaging. This combination of new and traditional creates an unusual way of documenting the conflicts of real life. I have only begun to explore the possibilities.

I do "this" because it is my passion. Thinking, observing and creating are my lifeline. Staying in touch with new methods of communicating keeps me connected to the real (young) world. Bringing my reflections to a verbal format keeps me searching for new visual ideas. It also allows me, once again, to say what needs, to me, to be said. And yes, I still always have something to say." -Marcia Docter

Imbued with social commentary and contemporary feminist issues, Marcia Docter's work is as compelling as it is inspirational. Her influences include Pop art, Japanese Kabuki Theater, and the photograph and text pieces of Barbara Krueger. Her previous textiles have depicted a free-spirited Statue of Liberty, witty comic book heroines, colorful geometric structures and alien heads. Docter's current pieces are needle worked quotes based on traditional samplers. These larger works are near hieroglyphic in their simplicity, striking in color, and risky in statement.

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