Larry Spitz


I first studied ceramics in 1965 with Toshiko Takaezu while she was the Artist in Residence at Princeton University.  Recently my interest has been in pushing ceramics to its limits of size and translucence.  I am drawn to the purity and strength of porcelain as is embodied in this current work.  For me, the creative process is a balance between the thinness and lightness of the work and the destructive forces of gravity and centrifugal force which threaten to tear it apart and reduce it to a formless mound of clay.
These bowls are individually spin cast in a plaster vessel using liquid porcelain slip.  The plaster vessel helps me to overcome these destructive forces.  The mineral pigments added to the slip make visible the intense forces I harness to create these forms.  These bowls are 100% fully-fired porcelain.  They are hard and durable.  Although uniformly thin (approximately 3/16 inch), they are hard and durable.   The white sections (white inside and out) are translucent like fine china.  

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