Judson Guerard

Frosted with Red Rocks (River Rocks Series), Blown Glass, 22in. x 25in. x 7in.

Judson Guérard was born in North Carolina. He has two degrees in philosophy, one from UNC-Chapel Hill and the other from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After becoming interested in glass, he furthered his studies at Penland School of Crafts where he studied under artists including: Finn Lyngaard & Tchai Munch, Paul Marioni, Richard Ritter, Jane Bruce, Will Dexter, Tom Buechner, Hugh Jenkins, and Bill and Sally Worcester. Some of Judson’s work is inspired by the tranquility and enduring beauty of the North Toe River where his studio and home are located.

As a material, hot glass focuses and sustains my interest in the immediate task of doing, making, while suggesting and sometimes pointing in a direction away from the particular task. It hints at a melding of hand and mind in a symbiotic process of doing and becoming, in which each sustains or rejuvenates the other to continue the process. There are many aspects in the process which can limit or enable one’s imagination and ability to realize one’s work. Spontaneity, or the serendipitous deviation from the original plan, has been a wellspring of renewal through the years for me. My work is continually informed by my study of aesthetics and my observations of the world around me: how do patterns emerge from chaos; how do things seemingly broken, hang together; or the meditative patterns of the flow of water in and around rocks in a river. Luminosity and form have become increasingly important in my work.

Judson Guérard’s studio is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where he has studied and worked with glass for the past 20 years. His work is shown and collected throughout the United States. “River Rocks,” his most recent series of work, has evolved from his observations of the North Toe River close to his studio and his interest in the undulations and beauty of the form of glass, that in its hot, liquid form, can flow and swirl as an eddy of water before solidifying in a form that will hold the rocks.

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