Jay McClellan

Lucky- Single Chair, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30inBluetick Hound, acrylic on canvas, 32 x 28in
Elvis, acrylic on canvasTip on a Comforter, acrylic on canvasArtist with his workLucky with a Purple Pillow, acrylic on canvas
Family Portrait, acrylic on canvasDog Tails, acrylic on canvasLucky Sleeping, acrylic on canvasHoney on a Floral Couch, acrylic on canvas

In painting I examine the visual concept of “flat space” by moving objects back and forth on the canvas’s two-dimensional plane. Juxtaposing bold colors with graphic pattern and unique designs, my visual combinations excite my audience’s attention to the calm and earnest dogs that surround me in my everyday life.

Indebted to modern and contemporary painters such as Alex Katz and Fairfield Porter, my large-scale paintings allow me to reveal the uniqueness of my family, which are primarily portraits of my dogs and my wife in our home.

The calmness that it brings to me, and the happiness that they bring to me, I want to paint those ideas.

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