Fullerton and Bahr

Assymetrical earrings, blue and green diamonds/mokume gane/andalusite/colored 22k and 18k goldCuff (3/4in wide), Sterling silver/22k bimetal/18k gold/beryl/diamondDrop Earrings, andalusites (5mm each), 14k colored golds, 18k bimetal, mokume gane
Cuff, Sterling silver, diamond, calcedonyDavid's Portal bracelet, lemon beryl/blue & white diamonds/14k, 18k, 22k gold/mokume ganeDavenport Rosette Ring, Sterling silver, 14k/18k/22k gold, diamond, mokume ganeDavenport Zoey ring, Sterling silver, 14k & 18k gold, mokume gane
Pink-Gold Mosaic ring, Sterling silver, 14k/18k/22k gold, diamond, mokume ganeDavenport ring, Sterling silver, 14k/18k/22k gold, diamond, mokume ganeButano ring, Sterling silver, 14k/18k/22k gold, diamondMosaic Drop earrings, garnet, 14k/18k gold, mokume gane

Fullerton Bahr is a husband and wife team who collaborate on both the design and production of their work. They have been pursuing their craft for 12 years.

The concept of their work is to evoke the imagery of primitive art or archeological relics
but in a clearly contemporary expression. The compositions tend to be a sort of collage
of many varied and contrasting elements that relate like found objects within the composition. This along with the patinas results in a curiously post-apocalyptic look or an almost 'road warrior' aesthetic.

Their collection includes earrings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and rings (including wedding sets). The current work is usually composed of sterling armatures that are
developed with collage-like compositions of 22k, 18k, and 14k colored golds, mokume
gane and Sterling silver with diamonds and pearls. "Mokume gane," the featured technique,
is hand fabricated by John and Lynda. It involves an ancient Japanese metal working
technique of layering multi colored metals such as gold, Sterling, and shakudo.

Lynda Fullerton-Bahr:
"I find the study of metal-smithing fascinating. The more one learns, the more the work takes on a life of it's own. It grows in refinement and purpose. "

Lynda has always been inspired by the beauty of the natural patterns found in nature. This provides a limitless palette for an artist to draw from. The combination of those textures and colors in conjunction with the architectural structure is what she feels makes her work unique.

There are two techniques Lynda uses that are the basis for the mosaic patterning. They are mokume gane and roller printing. Mokume gane is the more difficult of the two. It involves forming a multilayered billet of colored golds, silver and shakudo. The billet is fired in an electric kiln till the multiple layers of metal form a diffusion bond. This bond makes the layers atomically function as one piece of metal. The billet is carved and reduced in a rolling mill till the desired patterning is achieved.

Lynda received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1977 and pursued further studies at Hornsey College of Art in London, England. Upon graduation she spent fifteen years in San Francisco working as an interior architect on large scale corporate work before pursuing jewelry design. She moved to a rural coastal town 45 miles south of San Francisco and started classes with a local silversmith. Much time and effort has been put into self education and learning new techniques.

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