Franchell Mack Brown

5-Disc Small Neckpiece, pearls, carnelian, mother of pearl, crochet/weavingBlack Star Medium Bib Neckpiece, pearls, blue topaz, gold filled wireDelicata Neckpiece, pearls, amethyst, white gold filled wire, Sterling silver
3-Gems Medium Bib Neckpiece, pearls, amethyst, garnet, gold filled wireLight Ladder Twist Neckpiece, pearls, citrine, aquamarine, white gold filled wire, SOLDDark Ladder Twist Neckpiece, pearls, amethyst, aquamarine, SOLDDreamer Long Bib Neckpiece, pearls, turquoise, howlite, mother of pearl, gold filled wire, crochet/embroidery, SOLD
Tassle Statement Neckpiece, pearls, citrine, garnet, mother of pearl, crochet/embroidery


I am a participant of meticulousness. 
I am a delver in details.
Pops of color delight me.
Controlled haphazardness intrigues me.
My works are meditative.
Creating frees me and brings me into a realm of peace and joy.
Repetition in nature resonates with me.
This repetition teaches me that all life energy is connected…
My intention is to share this energy by sharing my art.

I am a fiber/jewelry artist. I create fiber sculptures embellished with jewelry elements and jewelry that incorporates fiber elements. My art lives in the realm of contemporary basketry.  Crochet is my desired medium. I incorporate natural elements such as fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones en mass to my projects. My nontraditional use of these materials represents the opportunity to see life from a different perspective.

My current body of work is inspired by my curiosities in the fields of Sacred Geometry, High Vibration Frequencies, and Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments. My interpretations are not literal representations of these studies. They are an attempt to invoke the same positive energy flow; to encourage an open mind and continued excitement in learning from various sources and methods.

I want my art to be a force in the national and international art arena.

I plan to continue building jewelry, large-scale works, gallery installations and public art.

I plan to reveal my first installation summer 2014.

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