Dave and Roberta Williamson

I Fly (brooch) Sterling silver, found objectHouse Dress! (brooch), Sterling silver, pearl (SOLD)Through My Eyes (brooch) Sterling silver, crystal quartz, found objects, SOLDThe Little Sweetheart (brooch), copper, bronze, found objects
The Little Sweetheart (brooch-detail)1-2-3 Go Club (brooch), Sterling silver, copper, found objects (SOLD)Campfire Club (brooch), Sterling silver, copper, found objects (SOLD)Everyday is Special (pendant), Sterling silver, found objects
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Dave and Roberta Williamson (b. 1949) are jewelers who live in Berea, Ohio. The Williamsons create jewelry that combines ephemera and found objects, some of which has been passed down in their families, and others found at the many flea markets and antique shows they frequent.

Working as true partners in the process, Dave brings the technical skills that complement Roberta's creative combinations of art and design. Part of their own lives goes into each of these talismans and the story they tell is interpreted and re-invented by the wearer. Through classes they teach locally, students are encouraged to "find their own stories" and build a piece of jewelry that captures and envelops an emotional moment or memory dear to their own lives.

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