Caryn L. Hetherston

Necklace/Pin, Sterling & fine silver, 22 & 14 Kt gold, Kunzite, beach glass carved and inlayed with 22 KT gold leaf, lemon dolomite & spectraliteBrooch, Sterling & fine silver, 14kt gold, pinfire labradorite, rainbow moonstone
Pin/Pendant, 22 & 14kt gold, rainbow moonstone, boulder opal, peridotNecklace/Pin, Sterling & fine silver, 22 & 14kt gold, jasper & dendritic quartzOcean Wave brooch, Sterling silver, 22 and 14kt gold, peach moonstone and ocean jasperNecklace and Pin, Sterling silver, 22 and 14kt gold, amethyst, ocean jasper, moonstone and jade beads
Earrings, 22 and 14kt gold and imperial jasperEarrings, 22 and 14kt gold, boulder opals and chrysacolaEarrings, Sterling silver, 22 and 14kt gold, turquoise, apatite and Indonesian river stonesEarrings, Sterling silver, 14kt gold blue topaz and druzy blue agate

It is my desire to create wearable art that challenges the viewer’s traditional concept of jewelry. I do this by combining precious materials (sterling silver, high karat gold and unusual gemstones) with non-precious materials (beach glass, rusted iron, and wood). I am also creating a series of precious sculptures with wearable elements. These pieces are designed so that when the jewelry is not being worn it becomes part of a whole art work. 

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