Betsy Hershberg


I create one-of-a-kind, sculptural, knitted and embellished jewelry. My work always respects, illustrates and celebrates the traditional historical roots of the knitter’s craft while I explore unique contemporary applications and create original techniques that are all my own.

In addition to my jewelry, I design and knit "every day” creations: clothing, accessories, etc. Once taught how to knit as a young girl by my mother who insisted I learn the academic techniques of knitting so I would know how to correct my own mistakes and insisted I try anything and everything I could imagine, I have always knit and will as long as I am able. It is my meditation, my therapy, my place of peace and calm. More ideas than I will ever be able to realize in a lifetime fill and stimulate my brain. Through knitting I have learned that anyone, even someone as left-brained dominant as I am (the left lobe long considered to be the non-artistic half of the human brain) has creative potential. I have tried, through many years of teaching, to share that knowledge with others who struggle to find their creative path. My students have always taught me something in return. My work is evidence of the gifts I have been given, the value in playing with and exploring those gifts and the joy I find in sharing what I’ve learned.

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