Barbara Lee Smith: The View From Here

South Jetty Fog, acrylic on stitched synthetic material, 31.5 x 34inTime Squared (9 panels), acrylic on stitched synthetic material, 38 x 38in (12 x 12in each panel)

Barbara Lee Smith is a multi-media artist who has developed a very unique method of painting, cutting, fusing, and stitching that results in breathtaking works of art. Smith grew up in Cape May, New Jersey and was constantly in contact with the Atlantic Ocean. Now having lived on a small island near Puget Sound, Washington, her main inspiration remains the sea and the surrounding landscapes. Regarding her practice, Smith stated: “my work evolved from non-representational images to evocations of the land, sea, and sky. I still aim for qualities of abstraction, but focus on the believable. I want to honor the land and sea, as we know it -the rhythms of nature - and influence minds to remember what we have in order to sustain it for the future.”

To accompany the exhibition, the artist has chosen an excerpt from Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison (Poetry Series) by Ted Kooser (Carnegie-Mellon: 2001):

“March 11

Sunny and milder.

The sky a pale yellow this morning,
like the skin of an onion,
and here at the center,
under layer upon layer of brooding
and ferment, a poet,
and cupped in his hands, the green shoot
of one word.”

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