Ann Sklar

Artist at workBayou Sunrise, oil on board, 6 x 8in
Distant Hills, oil on board, 6 x 8in
Midnight Blue, oil on board, 11 x 14in

Painting is an expression of my connection to both the visual world and my own inner world. The environment and our reaction to it help to shape us, to define who we are. I like to think that a painting has the ability to help a person respond to everyday experiences.
My modern landscapes are meant to evoke a mood of contemplation of a quiet time and place. They are meditations on what we see every day. I like to create a feeling of limitlessness and mystery; and a sense that the horizon is infinite. I hope that the viewer will have an emotional response and have reaction to each painting.

Some of the images are vague shadows and some are impressions of the common characteristics of an object. They are meant to have some sense of mystery, a sense of the known and unknown.

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