Amy Finch


Artist Statement
Soon after graduating with a BFA in painting I became obsessed with ceramics. Bringing my painterly background to the three dimensionality of ceramics provides the perfect marriage of form and surface.

My recent body of work is focused on the open platter form. Using a low fire white clay body affords me the opportunity to make use of a bright underglaze color palette. The large white circle informs the composition. I am interested in creating a sense of harmony and flow within the the shape. I approach each piece as I would a canvas, aware of the composition, size, placement of images as they relate to the whole. There is a graphic quality to my work, flat areas of vibrant color, which seems to come alive on the surface of the clay body.

The movement of the figure, whether it be human or animal, as it's shape relates to this circular context is my prime concern. A graphic, decorative, almost illustration use of color and line are intended to complement and support the overall piece as a whole. I am interested in creating a sense of balance, wholeness and simplicity using the surface of the clay as my canvas.

Artist Bio
A Philadelphia native, artist Amy Finch thinks of herself as a painter that uses clay as her medium. Her large open platter forms provide a canvas onto which the artist draws, carves and paints. Using a white earthenware clay body the artist uses a bright palette of undergazes to create images that have a bold graphic quality.

After receiving her BFA from Tyler School of Art in 1984, Finch apprenticed under Bill Daily at The University of the Arts during a one year artist in residency.

The Carmel Art and Film Festival featured in a solo exhibition of her work in the 2012 invitational. Her work is part of numerous private collections and has been shown in several Philadelphia galleries including The Works Gallery and the Nicholas Berg Gallery. Finch maintains a full time ceramic studio in the Wyndmoor section of Philadelphia.

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