30 Years West: Sandra Enterline and Valerie Mitchell

Sandra Enterline, Double Box Brooch (2008), oxidized Sterling silver, 22k bimetalSandra Enterline, Multiple Cones Necklace, Sterling silverSandra Enterline, Box Brooches (2008), oxidized Sterling silver, 22k bimetalSandra Enterline, Single Cone Necklace, oxidized Sterling silver, 22k bimetal
Sandra Enterline, Diamond Drop Earrings (2011), oxidized Sterling silver, diamond sliceSandra Enterline, Diamond Paddle Earrings (2011), oxidized Sterling silver, diamond sliceSandra Enterline, Diamond Rock Earrings (2013), oxidized Sterling silver, diamond sliceSandra Enterline, Large Perforated Disc Necklace (back view), oxidized Sterling silver
Sandra Enterline, Large Perforated Disc Necklace, oxidized Sterling silverSandra Enterline, Large Perforated Disc Earrings, oxidized Sterling silverSandra Enterline, Perforated Pod Earrings, oxidized Sterling silverPerforated Earring Grouping (2002), mixed metals (Sterling silver, 22k bimetal)

Sandra Enterline and Valerie Mitchell graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design from the light metal program and drove west together. Sandra moved to San Francisco and Valerie moved to Los Angeles. That was 1984, thirty years ago. They have shown together and apart, shared many holidays together in Mendocino and Valerie's High Desert retreat. Their creative paths and ideas have crossed many times. Join us in honoring their three decades spent on the West Coast in 2014.

"My current work is based on the fascination with light when seen through hundreds of tiny perforations. The pieces are minimal in form and resonate in both the natural and machined worlds. There is a powerful interplay between the interior and exterior of the pieces. The interior is concealed by the form, and revealed by the perforations. This is amplified by light moving through them only at certain moments as the wearer moves through the space. My interest is in the seduction, power, and purity of valuable materials, including my newest work incorporating diamond slices. I make strong, simple, sculptural objects that are complex and layered, the subtlety discovered over time. "
--Sandra Enterline, 2014
"This body of one of a kind jewelry engages two current themes with limited edition work, in silver, gold, brass, copper, enamel and raw stones.

The Juxtaposed series brings unrelated elements together, items that could be opposites, falling together naturally and creating a new balance. For example, the way unlikely things are blown (drawn) together in windstorms, creating a unique form of contrast in which light/dark, hot/cold or rough/smooth conjure physical and intellectual response.

My work has examined the form of organic structure for many years through various materials. I am interested in the origin of form, what structure is underneath and the universality of these biomorphic forms.

Use of vitreous enamel brings color and texture into the work. Joie de Vrie necklace combines this with fine silver and copper, evoking a plant blossoming to express a feeling of life. While many of my forms are large, care is given to wear and how items are joined to move with the body.

My newest series uses positive and negative spatial relationships that occur in nature. Kiln fired vitreous enamels on fine silver or copper are set to express their dimensionality, some with integrating elements juxtaposed. Creating a sense of containment, holding or wrapping, while metaphorically it is only space being held."
--Valerie Mitchell, 2014

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